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Munindar P. Singh's Position Statements and Talks

Please note that I haven't yet organized most of my talks, but have placed a few here and given out direct URLs to them. If there is something specific you are looking for, please write to me (email: lastname at this domain name works).

July 2015 Governance Norms as a Basis for Governing Sociotechnical Systems: IJCAI Journal Track Presentation. Presented at IJCAI, July 2015.
February 2014 Governance The Science of Security: Introduction from the Perspective of Secure Collaboration. Presented at School of Computing and Communications, University of Lancaster, Lancaster, February 2014.
August 2013 Governance Bringing Commitments (and Other Norms) to Practice. Presented at the Invitational Normative Multiagent Systems Workshop, Leiden, August 2013 (invited talk).
August 2013 Trust Trust and Commitments as Unifying Bases for Social Computing. Presented at INRIA, Rocquencourt, Paris, August 2013.
August 2013 Trust Can't We All Just Get Along? Agreement Technologies and the Science of Security. Presented at the Conference on Agreement Technologies, Beijing, August 2013 (invited talk).
February 2013 Governance Understanding Service Engagements. Presented at Xerox Webster Research Center, Webster, NY, February 2013.
August 2011 Governance Governing Sociotechnical Systems. Presented at the WI-IAT Conference, Lyon, August 2011 (invited talk).
Governing Sociotechnical Systems. Presented at the 5th International iStar Workshop, Trento, August 2011 (invited talk).
May 2009 Commitments Programming MAS without Programming Agents. Presented at AAMAS Workshop on Programming MultiAgent Systems, May 2009 (invited talk).
November 2008 Argumentation Colaba: Collaborative Design of Cross-Organizational Processes. Presented at an internal Intel forum.
July 2008 Commitments Semantical Considerations on Dialectical and Practical Commitments. Presented at AAAI, July 2008.
June 2008 Organizations Design Patterns for Policy-Based Service Engagements. Presented at the IEEE Policy Workshop, June 2008.
May 2007 Organizations How IT Happens. Presented at a panel on Organizational Computing at AAMAS, May 2007.
May 2007 Protocols Enacting Protocols by Commitment Concession. Presented at AAMAS (paper presentation), May 2007.
May 2007 Organizations Agents and Service-Oriented Computing. Invited talk at COIN Workshop at AAMAS, May 2007.
May 2007 Organizations Back to the Future: P2P Computing and Service-Oriented Architectures. Invited talk at the Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing Workshop at AAMAS, May 2007.
December 2006 Protocols Interaction-Oriented Programming Concepts, Theories, and Results on Commitment Protocols. Invited talk at the Australian AI Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, December 2006.
November 2006 Protocols Interaction-Oriented Programming: Concepts, Theories, and Results on Commitment Protocols. Invited talk at IBM Watson Research Center, November 2006.
November 2006 Organizations and networks Governing Future Networks; Writeup. Invited position statement at NSF GENI-IIS Workshop, Arlington, November 2006.
November 2006 Referrals Referral Systems: Applications in Knowledge Management; Emergent Properties. Invited talk at the University of Montreal, November 2006.
October 2006 Organizations Governance of Cyberinfrastructure: Motivation, Concepts, Approach, Call to Arms. Invited talk at CASCON, Toronto, October 2006.
March 2006 Protocols Business Process Interoperation Using OWL-P: Response to the Semantic Web Services Challenge. Presentation at the Semantic Web Services Challenge workshop, Stanford, March 2006.
February 2006 Referrals Referral Systems: Formulation and Emergent Properties. Invited talk in an ECE seminar series, February 2006.
November 2004 Web services OWL-P: Processes = Protocols + Policies. Presented at the DARPA DAML PI meeting, November-December 2004.
October 2004 Web services Protocols for Processes: Programming in the Large for Open Systems. Presented at OOPSLA (Onward! track), Vancouver, October 2004.
May 2004 Web services Protocols for Processes. Presented at the DARPA DAML PI meeting, the ICWS Swemantic Web Services and Processes Workshop, the July 2004 meeting of the Semantic Web Services Initiative, the AAMAS Workshop on Web Services and Agent-Based Engineering, and the AAMAS Workshop on Agent-Oriented Information Systems, July 2004.
July 2004 Trust The Trust Competition Testbed: Some Key Requirements. Presented at the AAMAS Trust Workshop (Trust Competition Testbed Panel), held in New York City on 19 July 2004.
July 2003 Web semantics A Pragmatics Perspective on Web Services. Presented at the AAMAS Workshop on Web Services and Agent-Based Engineering, July 2003.
August 2002 Business processes Commitments for Business Processes: Overview of Concepts, Protocols, Machines, Compliance. Presented at HP Labs, August 2002.
March 2002 Web semantics The Pragmatic Web: Preliminary Thoughts. Presented at the NSF-OntoWeb Workshop on Database and Information Systems Research for Semantic Web and Enterprises, April 2002.
July 1998 Agent standards (Munindar P. Singh, Ebrahim H. Mamdani, Afsaneh Haddadi, Charles J. Petrie, and Michael N. Huhns) Perspectives on Agent Standards. Presented at the International Conference on Multiagent Systems (ICMAS), July 1998.
October 1997 Mobile agents Challenges for Mobile Agents. Invited presentation at the Workshop of Mobile Agents and Security (MAAS), Maryland Center for Telecommunications Research, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, October 1997.
July 1998 Mobile agents Agent Mobility Considered Harmful. Invited presentation in a panel on The Future of Adaptive and Mobile Information Agents - Travelling Bandits on the Information Highway, or Powerful Information Providers? at the 2nd International Workshop on Cooperative Information Agents (CIA), Paris, July 1998.
August 1997 Future of computing (Munindar P. Singh, Daniel G. Bobrow, Michael N. Huhns, Margaret King, Hiroaki Kitano, Ray Reiter)
The Next Big Thing: Position Statements (pdf) (gnuzipped ps) In Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), August 1997.
May 1997 IOP Interaction-Oriented Programming for the Web (pdf) (gnuzipped ps) In International Conference on Cooperative Information Systems (CoopIS), May 1997.