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Joseph A. Schatz



The Nature of Truth
Sandia Laboratory Technical Memorandum, 1967.
Abstract: This report is a discussion of the nature of truth. It is not a balanced account. It consists principally of a discussion of fundamental weaknesses in current mathematical reasoning. The purpose of doing this is not to conclude that truth cannot be found through mathematical reasoning. It is rather to suggest that in view of these weaknesses, it is prudent not to abandon other means of searching for truth.
Some Super-Classics of Mathematics
Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 18:723-725, 1971.
Abstract: This note lists those papers cited 50 or more times in the author's Mathematics Citation Index. These papers were chosen because they are atypical (in the number of times they are cited). However, oddly enough, in many ways the collection resembles a random sample of citations, and an examination of this collection is presented to assess the kind of information which can be obtained from citation counts.
The Super-Classics of Mathematics
Sandia Laboratories Research Report SC-RR-71-0455, 1971.
Abstract: Extended version of the Notices article.
A Mathematics Citation Index
Sandia Laboratories Research Report SC-RR-70-910, 1970.
Abstract: A index of the citations in 25,000 papers from the mathematics literature of 1950-1965. At the time of compilation, this was about five percent of the total mathematical literature, about ten percent of the mathematical literature published since Mathematical Reviews started, and about twenty percent of the periodical literature for the period covered.
Review of a paper by Masanori Fukamiya
Mathematical Reviews 14 (1953), 884, review number MR0054176.
For many years this review was the standard source for a proof that every B*-algebra is a C*-algebra.


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