Senior Design Testing

Welcome to the Testing Manager's page for Senior Design. Here, you will hopefully find all the resources you need to perform software testing to an appropriate level on your Senior Design projects. If you cannot find something you need from this website, inform the testing manager and not the webmaster, because this part of the site is not maintained by the webmaster.

This semester's testing managers are Ignacio X. Dominguez & Samuel Christie.

Informative Links

Informative Links

If the language you are using cannot be found in the table below, consider the XProgramming Website's list of unit testing frameworks.

LanguageCoverage ToolUnit Testing FrameworkDocumentation
JavaEclipse: EclEmma
Command-line: Cobertura
JUnit--comes standard in EclipseEclEmma User Guide
JUnit Eclipse Tutorial
VisualBasicTestDriven Post
C#TestDriven .NETNUnit -- built-into TestDriven.NetTestDriven .NET QuickStart
C++Eclipse (CDT): CDT gcov plugin
CPPUnitUnit testing with CPP Unit
CPPUnit Cookbook
Clcovgcov -- included in gccUsing Code Coverage in Linux
ASPVisualStudio: TestDriven .NETNUnitAspNUnitAsp Tutorial
PHP--coverage-html optionPHPUnitPHP Unit Testing Tutorial
RubyrcovTest::Unit (built in)Using rcov
PerlTest::CoverTest::ExtremeLocal Tutorial
SecondLifen/aA SecondLife Test ScriptScript Template
Unit Testing with FlexUnit
PythonPython's coverage packageunittest a.k.a. PyUnit (built in)unittest Documentation