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News about Munindar P. Singh's Lab

Defended: Karthik Sheshadri
Employed: Nirav Ajmeri, as postdoc
New Course: Natural Language Processing
Recognized: Chris Hazard, as Department of Computer Science Young Alumnus
Qualified: Hui Guo and Zhen Guo
Proposed: Karthik Sheshadri
Defended: Nirav Ajmeri
Moved: Pınar Yolum, Utrecht
Relaxed! Munindar, on finishing six years as EIC of ACM TOIT and one year as interim associate department head
Award: Pınar Yolum and Nirmit Desai inducted into the Department of Computer Science Alumni Hall of Fame
New Course: Social Computing, undergrad approval
Proposed: Nirav Ajmeri
Employed: Pradeep Murukannaiah, RIT
New Course: Social Computing, grad approval
Defended: Mehdi Mashayekhi
Defended: Anup Kalia
Defended: Adel Elmessiry
Defended: Pradeep Murukannaiah
Defended: Guangchao Yuan
Award: Pankaj Telang and Anup Kalia, best paper at ICSOC 2015
New Course: Social Computing
Proposed: Adel Elmessiry
Proposed: Guangchao Yuan
Pınar Yolum appointed General Cochair for AAMAS 2015
PhD Graduate: Zhe Zhang
New Topics Course: Social Computing
Proposed: Anup Kalia
Proposed: Pradeep Murukannaiah
PhD Graduate: Scott Gerard
PhD Graduate: Pankaj Telang
Michael Maximilien appointed to ACM TWEB Editorial Board
Amit Chopra appointed to ACM TOIT Editorial Board
IBM PhD Fellowship: Zhe Zhang
Pınar Yolum appointed to JAIR Editorial Board
PhD Graduate: Xibin Gao
Proposed: Scott Gerard
Proposed: Pankaj Telang
Spring 2011
Qualified: Prashant Kediyal
Qualified: Pradeep Murukannaiah
PhD Graduate: Chung-Wei Hang
Fall 2010
PhD Graduate: Derek Sollenberger
Proposed: Xibin Gao
Summer 2010
Qualified: Pankaj Telang, Scott Gerard
Spring 2010
Pınar Yolum appointed to JAAMAS Editorial Board
Pınar Yolum elected to IFAAMAS Board of Directors
AAMAS 2010 Best PC Member (finalist): Amit Chopra
Trentino Marie Curie Junior Researcher Award: Amit Chopra
PhD Graduate: Chris Hazard
Proposed: Derek Sollenberger
Qualified: Xibin Gao
MS Graduate: Koushik Rajagopalan
Fall 2009
Nirmit Desai to be PC cochair for PRIMA 2010
Yonghong Wang begins at CMU as a postdoc
Pınar Yolum to be PC cochair for AAMAS-2011
Proposed: Chris Hazard, Chung-Wei Hang
Qualified: Derek Sollenberger
Spring 2009
CSGS Masters Thesis Award: Payal Chakravarty
PhD Graduate: Yonghong Wang
Qualified: Chung-Wei Hang
Fall 2008
COE Dissertation Award: Nirmit Desai
PhD Graduate: Amit Chopra
Spring 2008
PhD Graduates: Nirmit Desai, Soydan Bilgin, Qing Zhang, Yathi Udupi