Dr. Munindar P. Singh is a professor in the department of computer science at North Carolina State University. From 1989 through 1995, he was with the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC). Munindar's research interests include multiagent systems and service-oriented computing, with a special emphasis on cybersecurity, social computing, trust, service discovery, and business processes and protocols in large-scale open environments.

Munindar's 1994 book Multiagent Systems, was published by Springer-Verlag. He coedited Readings in Agents, which was published by Morgan Kaufmann in 1998. Munindar edited the Practical Handbook of Internet Computing published by Chapman & Hall / CRC Press in October 2004 and coauthored a text, Service-Oriented Computing published by Wiley in 2005.

Munindar is the editor-in-chief of ACM Transactions on Internet Technology. He was the editor-in-chief of IEEE Internet Computing from 1999 to 2002. Munindar is a founding member of the editorial boards of IEEE Internet Computing, Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, and Journal of Trust Management. He serves on the editorial boards of ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology and IEEE Transactions on Services Computing.

Previously, Munindar served on the founding steering committee for the IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing and the editorial boards of Journal of Web Semantics, Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, and Service-Oriented Computing and Applications. Munindar serves on the founding board of directors of IFAAMAS, the International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems. Munindar was general cochair of the 2005 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems and program cochair of the 2008 IEEE International Conference on Web Services.

Munindar is a Fellow of the AAAI and of the IEEE. Munindar's research has been recognized with awards and sponsorship by (alphabetically) Army Research Laboratory, Army Research Office, Cisco Systems, DARPA, Department of Defense, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Joint Oceanographic Institutions, National Science Foundation, O3C, and Xerox.

Twenty-five students have received PhD degrees and twenty-seven students have received MS degrees under Munindar's direction.

Munindar obtained a BTech in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1986 and a PhD in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993.

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