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EOL Exam Instructions

Here are the key steps and instructions for conducting exams for EOL students.

  1. EOL students can take the exam with the class if they confirm with the TA and the EOL office at least a day in advance. This is the simplest approach if it works, but it may not work if there is no space available.
  2. Students should work with the EOL office to identify suitable proctors -- at least one but perhaps another as backup. They should do this early in the semester, even if they hope to take their exams with the class.
  3. The exams must be conducted on the same day as scheduled for on-campus students -- any time during the day is fine.
  4. The exams must be proctored -- not to take home or elsewhere.
  5. I email the quiz sheet to the EOL office at least one business day before the date of the exam.
  6. The EOL office forwards the quiz sheet to designated proctors.
  7. Computers, phones, PDAs, calculators, media players, and other such gadgets that might be used to store information, communicate, or perform computations are not allowed.
  8. Collusion or cheating of any form are forbidden. You can be asked to explain your solutions verbally.
  9. Instructions for proctoring exams for EOL students.
    1. Print the quiz sheet and hand it over to students. Give them some blank paper as well.
    2. The duration of an exam scheduled during a regular 75-minute class is 60 minutes (in case there are logistical problems). The duration of an exam scheduled during a three-hour official finals slot is 75 minutes.
    3. The exams are conducted as closed book and closed notes.
    4. Exactly one crib sheet is allowed in an exam.
      • Each crib sheet belonging to a student must have the student's name in the top right corner.
      • Crib sheets may not be shared (but students may prepare their crib sheets cooperatively ahead of the exam, if they like).
      • Each crib sheet should be hand-written or printed on one side of a letter-sized or A4 sheet of paper with one inch margins all around.
      • The text size should be no smaller than 10pt.
    5. The proctor (not the student) should scan and email the completed exam to the EOL office immediately after the exam. I understand this address is exams_eol followed by @ followed by ncsu followed by .edu.
    6. The proctor (not the student) should mail the hardcopy (stapled on top left corner) to the EOL office, postmarked by the next morning. Save a photocopy until the EOL office acknowledges receipt of the mailed original.
    7. No copy of the quiz sheet may be left with the student. The original that you gave them should be stapled on the student's exam sheets prior to mailing.
  10. The EOL office should collect the exams from the various proctors. Drop the scanned PDF files you receive into an appropriate locker that you and I have agreed upon. Send me an email when you do so. If scanning is not possible, place all hardcopy exams in one envelope and send it to me ideally in one of the following ways: