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DSS Exam Instructions

Here are the instructions for conducting exams for students who are eligible for disability accommodations. The Disability Services Office determines such eligibility. There is no need to reveal your condition to the instructor or the TA.

  1. The exams should be conducted on the same day as scheduled for on-campus students -- any time during the day is fine.
  2. I email the exam to the DSS office at least one business day before the date of the exam.
  3. The DSS office prints out and conducts the exam.
  4. Instructions for proctoring exams for DSS students.
    1. Print the quiz sheet and hand it over to students. Give them some blank paper as well.
    2. Duration: as determined by DSS.
    3. The exams should be proctored -- not to take home or elsewhere.
    4. The exams are meant to be closed book and closed notes.
    5. Crib sheets allowed: (one for the first exam of the course; two for the second; three for the third; four for the fourth). Each crib sheet should be hand-written or printed on one side of a letter-sized or A4 sheet of paper with one margins all around. The text size should be no smaller than 10pt. Crib sheets may not be shared (but students may prepare these cooperatively ahead of the exam, if they like).
    6. Computers, calculators, PDAs, media players, and other such gadgets that might be used to store information or perform computations are not allowed.
  5. Instructions for delivering the exam to me.
    1. Fax the completed exam to me at the Department of Computer Science the same day. The Department of Computer Science fax number is 919-515-7896.
    2. Send original documents (ideally, stapled at the top left corner) in a sealed envelope to me by either of these methods:
      • The student can deliver the envelope as soon as possible to me or to the TA. If the student can turn the envelope in to whoever is proctoring the exam in the main class, that is ideal.
      • DSS staff can deliver the envelope to me or the Department of Computer Science receptionist, who can put it in secure mailbox.
    3. Leave no unsealed copy of the quiz sheet with the student. The original that you gave them should be stapled on the student's exam sheets, if any.