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book coverReadings in Agents

Michael N. Huhns and Munindar P. Singh (editors)

 Foreword by Les Gasser

 Published by Morgan Kaufmann

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January 1998; xv + 523 pages; paper; ISBN 1-55860-495-2

The world of agents comprises a broad range of intelligent programs that can perceive, reason, act, and interact. Agents come with varying degrees of intelligence, interaction abilities, and autonomy. Agent research has flourished since the advent of the Internet, which has created an ideal operating environment.

This book assembles some of the most important and useful papers on virtually all major aspects of agents. It features an extensive introduction plus 51 articles by over 140 leading authors. The editors have drawn on research communities in AI, databases, distributed computing, and programming languages to assemble the most comprehensive overview of the agent world available. This book includes articles on

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