Research Interests

Semantic Web, Big Data Management and Analytics, Query Processing and Optimization, Internet of Things.

Recent Research Projects

Big Semantic Web Data Processing - NSF funded project, RAPID (2012 - 2015) : developing query optimization techniques for RDF query processing on Cloud Platforms. Particularly interested in dealing with the challenges of query optimization in the presence of Volume, Variety AND Velocity (as opposed to just one or two of those)

Agglomerative Querying of RDF Graphs For Creating Knowledge "Mosaics" NSF Funded Project, MOSAIC (2009 - 2014) : query operators for connecting the dots (multi-source/destination path queries) in RDF graphs.

Other Complex Query Models for the Semantic Web - (i) Context-Aware, Personalized Keyword Search on RDF Databases; (ii) Skyline Package Queries for RDF.


PhD Students MS Students
  • Abhishek Girish (MS, 2014 - to defend).     Now at MapR Technologies
Past Students
  • Haizhou Fu (Ph.D., 2013).     Now at Yahoo.
  • Matthew Sessoms (MS, 2012).     Now at IBM
  • Mridu (MS, 2011).     Now at Microsoft.
  • Radhika Sridar (MS, 2009).     Now at Epic Systems


  • CSC742 (Database Systems - Advanced Topics)
  • CSC540 (Database Systems - Introduction - graduate)
  • CSC541 (Advanced Data Structures - graduate)
  • CSC440 (Database Systems - Introduction - undergraduate)