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Graduate Students

Student Theses


2010 Joe (Ping-Lin) Hsiao, "Visualizing Large Document Collections" (November 2010), graduated with PhD (current at Center for Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation, UNC Chapel Hill)
2007 Amit Sawant, "Perceptual Display Hierarchies for Visualization" (December 2007), graduated with PhD (currently at Network Appliance)
2006 Brent Dennis, "Integrating Preference Elicitation into Visualization" (October 2006), graduated with PhD (current at MIT Lincoln Laboratories)
2006 Sarat Kocherlakota, "Interactive Visual Summarization for Visualizing Large Multidimensional Datasets" (October 2006), graduated with PhD (currently on joint postdoctoral fellowship with the Computer Science Department and Secure Open Systems Initiative)
2006 Laura Tateosian, "Investigating Aesthetic Visualizations", (October 2006), graduated with PhD (currently a Research Assistant Professor in GIS Program, NC State University)


2011 Lifford Pinto, "Visualizing Ensembles Using Screen Door Tinting" (October 2011), graduated with MS.
2011 Geoffrey Rogers, "Combining Glyph Based and Topographical Techniques to Visualize United States Congressional Earmarks" (October 2011), graduated with MS.
2011 Siddarth Shankar Ramaswamy, "Visualization of the Sentiment of Tweets" (August 2011), graduated with MS (currently at Railinc Corporation)
2011 Madhura Phadke, "Combining Ensembles for Effective Data Visualization" (July 2011), graduated with MS (currently at Microsoft)
2011 Sriprabha Gopalan, "Visualizing Performance and Usage Patterns for Large Distributed Environments" (July 2011), graduated with MS (currently at Deutsche Bank)
2010 Jayashree Venkatesh, "Pairwise Document Similarity Using an Incremental Approach to TF-IDF" (August 2010), graduated with MS (currently at Intel Corporation)
2010 Nazli Dokuzoglu, graduate with MS (currently at Intel Corporation)
2009 Karthik Ramachandran, "Visualizing and Comparing Multivariate Scalar Data Over a Geographic Map" (August 2009), graduated with MS (currently at Saber Design & Analysis)
2007 Andrew Whitehorne, "Telescope: A Multidimensional Visualization Framework in Support of the Development of a Perceptual Display Hierarchy" (December 2007), graduated with MS (current at Werum Software and Systems)
2006 Joe (Ping-Lin) Hsiao, "Visualization for Combinatorial Auctions" (June 2006), graduated with MS and PhD
2005 Jyron Baxter, graduated with MCS (currently Department Chair, Information Technology Department, York Technical College)
2004 Reshma Mehta, "Visualization Search Strategies" (October 2004), graduated with MS (current at Microsoft)
2004 Dan Huber, "Simple Motion in Glyph-Based Visualization" (April 2004), graduated with MS (currently at Northrop Grumman)
2003 Mike Romeo, "Multi-Dimensional Dataset Visualization in Portable Computing Environments" (December 2003), graduated with MS
2003 Amit Sawant, "Dynamic Visualization of the Relationship Between Multiple Representations of an Abstract Information Space" (April 2003), graduated with MS and PhD
2003 Vivek Rao, "Mixed-Initiative Techniques for Assisted Visualization" (April 2003), graduated with MS (currently at Google)
2002 Sarat Kocherlakota, "Perception Driven Search Strategies for Effective Multidimensional Visualization" (November 2002), graduated with MS and PhD
2002 Brent Dennis, "Assistant Navigation of Large Information Spaces" (November 2002), graduated with MS and PhD
2002 Laura Tateosian, "Nonphotorealistic Visualization of Multidimensional Datasets" (November 2002), graduated with MS and PhD
2001 Jiae Chang, "A Perceptual Visualization Assistant for Multidimensional Data Visualization" (September 2001), graduated with MS
2001 Jason Walter, "Appearance Preserving Dataset Simplification" (April 2001), graduated with MS (currently at Autodesk)

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