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Twitter Sentiment Visualization

This application requires IE 9, Firefox 3.6, Chrome 17.0, or Safari 5.0

What Am I Seeing?
The graph shows the volume of tweets for the first topic in blue, the second topic in red, and the combined total in green. Hover over a graph point to see more information about the sentiment and frequent words in tweets at that point in time.
The scatterplot shows the sentiment, the estimated emotion contained in a tweet's text, for the last 500 tweets. The first topic's tweets are shown as circles, the second topic's tweets are shown as diamonds. Tweets about both topics are shown as squares. Each tweet's position is based on its sentiment, which ranges from unpleasant on the left to pleasant on the right, and sedate on the bottom to active on the top.
Use the Search field in the scatterplot to show only tweets that contain a keyword you choose.

How Do You Estimate Sentiment?
We use a sentiment dictionary to estimate sentiment. We search each tweet for words in the dictionary, then combine the words' pleasure and arousal ratings to estimate sentiment for the entire tweet. When you hover your mouse over a tweet's circle to see its text, the words in our dictionary are shown in bold italics. You can click on a tweet's circle to bring up a dialog that gives even more information.
To learn more details about how our estimates work, take a look at the tweet visualization web page.

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