The 17th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2006)

7-10 November 2006 - Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Co-Located Workshops and Tutorials

  • Joint Meeting of A-MOST - Advances in Model-Based Testing and the Workshop on Software Assessment
  • Chairs: Mikhail Auguston, Bret Michael, and Jeff Voas
    Model-based testing automation is a promising approach for achieving effective software testing. Models of systems under test and their environments may focus on particular aspects of the requirements and thus facilitate productive testing. Modelling, however, still requires a substantial investment, and practical and scalable model-based testing solutions can help leverage this investment.

    The purpose of WOSA is to provide a forum for the detailed exchange of ideas among researchers about quantitative models, data analysis, and tools. Key topics of interest include software engineering standards, reliability modeling, system architecture and engineering, IT security, cyber-security, software metrics, economic considerations concerning techniques and tools, software testing, and software engineering standards.
  • Mutation 2006 - The Second Workshop on Mutation Analysis
  • Chairs: Yves Le Traon, Eric Wong, and Benoit Baudry
    In 2000, the first symposium on mutation testing had brought together researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas about practical and theoretical aspects of mutation testing. Since then, mutation testing and mutation analysis have been very active fields for research. Their application scope has been broadened to object-oriented systems, real-time modelling or model-checking. Mutation is a common technique to validate a set of test cases or to evaluate new testing approaches. Today, with the emphasis on model-driven approaches for software development, new testing challenges arise, as well as the need to adapt mutation approaches to models.
  • Workshop on Dependability Benchmarking
  • Chairs: Karama Kanoun and Lisa Spainhower
    This workshop has been cancelled.
  • Workshop on Space Systems Software Reliability
  • Chairs: Lisa Montgomery, Douglas Buettner, and Myron Hecht
    This is the second in a series of Space Systems Software Reliability Workshops, which are dedicated to facilitating an exchange of ideas, techniques, and experiences between space industry professionals engaged in the development of software-intensive space systems and software reliability engineering professionals. We are proud to have this year’s workshop co-hosted with NASA IV&V.
  • More Reliable Software Faster and Cheaper
  • Organizer: John D. Musa
    Stressed out by competitive pressures to deliver more reliable software faster and cheaper? Software reliability engineering (SRE) can help. This unique tutorial will teach you the essentials of how to apply this standard, proven best practice to the next release of ANY system / component that uses software. It can help software testers, quality assurance engineers, systems engineers or architects, project managers, software developers, and reliability engineers, or students in these areas. It is an excellent introduction to SRE, providing background that will help you understand the rest of the conference. No prerequisite is required except general familiarity with software project development.

    If you would like to get a better idea of the details of the material, visit and navigate to the overview. The site has lots of other relevant material on SRE as well.

    John D. Musa, one of the creators of the field of SRE, is widely recognized as the leader in reducing it to practice. He has written 3 books and more than 100 papers on SRE. He has more than 30 years diversified practical experience as software practitioner and manager. An IEEE Fellow, his leadership has been recognized by every edition of Who's Who in America since 1990. The IEEE Reliability Society named him "Engineer of the Year" in 2004. He is an experienced international speaker and teacher (over 200 major presentations) with consistently outstanding feedback.
  • Software Productivity and Reliability: Tools and Techniques
  • Organizer: Suraj C. Kothari
    This tutorial will benefit software engineers and managers who are involved in the development and maintenance of large software. We will discuss and demonstrate techniques and the state-of-the-art tools for improving productivity and reliability of large software.

    Dr. Kothari is currently Professor and Chair of the Software Systems Group in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Iowa State University. Previously, he has worked at AT&T Bell Laboratory. In 2002, he founded EnSoft Corp., a company that provides domain-specific software tools and tool-based services to multinational companies. His research on knowledge-centric software tools technology has been funded by DARPA, EPA, and several companies. He has published numerous technical articles in leading computer science journals and conferences and he holds three patents. Dr. Kothari has also served as a Distinguished ACM Lecturer.

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