Workshops - Tuesday November 11, 2008

Software Risk Workshop - Tuesday November 11, 2008

The 'Software Risk Workshop' focuses on the software risk management discipline, which attempts to 'identify, address, and eliminate software risk items before they become either threats to successful software operation or major sources of software rework' (Boehm, 1989). The two components of risk management are risk assessment (identification, analysis, and prioritization) and risk control (planning, resolution, and monitoring).

    The goals for the software risk workshop are:
  • to devote time to all these facets of risk management in a holistic way
  • to discuss how risk management practice can be leveraged in today's real world environment
  • to share the latest techniques and methods to identify and mitigate reliability and security risks.
Contact: Pete Rotella [protella AT cisco DOT com]
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WoSAR 2008 - Tuesday November 11, 2008

First International Workshop on Software Aging and Rejuvenation in conjunction with 19th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering ISSRE 2008 ( 10th-14th November, 2008, Seattle/Redmond, WA, USA

After more than ten years of research work in software aging and rejuvenation, this is the first International event to bring together researchers and practitioners involved with the theoretical and experimental aspects of software aging and rejuvenation. As a satellite event of the premier symposium, ISRRE 2008, this workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and discuss the state of the art and the new challenges in software aging and rejuvenation research, as well as providing a unique opportunity for establishing collaborations among several research groups interested in this research field.

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1st Workshop on Dependable Software Engineering 2008 - Tuesday November 11, 2008

The role and usage of software in safety critical or mission critical systems is ever increasing. Examples of such systems include control systems for nuclear reactor, space, airborne, automotive, and automotive traffic systems. Software engineering of such software dependable systems has been cultivated in each domain with their specific hardware and human involvement. However, because of their similarity on the aspect of "dependability", the software in such systems would require similarly specialized software engineering.

The 1st Workshop on Dependable Software Engineering being organised in conjunction with the 19th IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2008) aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners as well as suppliers, utility and regulatory bodies from different safety communities to share and discuss the ideas, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of Dependable Software Engineering (DSE).

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Embedded Software Reliability Workshop - Tuesday November 11, 2008

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ISSRE 2008, Seattle WA, USA November 11, 2008 Embedded software systems have become the core capabilities in several industries. Their development productivity and reliability is vital to the business and that is the focus of this workshop. We will bring together experts from several of the mainstream industry verticals to discuss the methods, practices and tools to produce systems with greater efficiency and quality. The one day workshop will feature a select set of talks and panels, followed by discussions on the major themes. This is a workshop and therefore invites participants to raise issues and engage in breakout sessions with other experts. We have invited experts from Automotive, Avionics, Communication, Mobile, and Heavy Machinery covering a good range of embedded systems.

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