ISSRE 08 Committees

Organizing Committee

General Chair -
Brendan Murphy, Microsoft Research, UK

Program Chair -
Laurie Williams, NC State University, USA

Finance Chair -
Mladen Vouk, NC State University, USA

Fast Abstract chairs -
Sudipto Ghosh, Colorado State, USA

Student Chair -
Carol Smidts, Univ of Maryland, USA

Industrial Practices Co-Chairs -
Mod Marathe, Cisco Systems, USA
Amit Paradkar, IBM, USA

Publications Chair -
Bojan Cukic, West Virginia University, USA

Web Publishing Co-Chairs -
Mark Sherriff, University of Virginia, USA
Mei Nagappan, NC State University, USA

Workshop and Panels Chair -
Swapna Gokhale, U. Of Connecticut, USA
Pankaj Jalote, IIT Delhi, India
Dave Rich, Cisco, USA

Publicity Chair -
Tom Zimmerman, Univ Calgary, Canada

Sponsorship Chair -
Peter Santhanam, IBM, USA

Local Arrangements -
Melissa Kelly, Microsoft, USA
Nachiappan Nagappan, Microsoft, USA
James Whittaker, Microsoft, USA