Embedded Software Reliability Workshop

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Tuesday November 11, 2008

ISSRE 2008, Seattle WA, USA November 11, 2008 Embedded software systems have become the core capabilities in several industries. Their development productivity and reliability is vital to the business and that is the focus of this workshop. We will bring together experts from several of the mainstream industry verticals to discuss the methods, practices and tools to produce systems with greater efficiency and quality. The one day workshop will feature a select set of talks and panels, followed by discussions on the major themes. This is a workshop and therefore invites participants to raise issues and engage in breakout sessions with other experts. We have invited experts from Automotive, Avionics, Communication, Mobile, and Heavy Machinery covering a good range of embedded systems.

Process Management
  • In-Process reliability measurement and feedback
  • Factoring customer expectation in requirements
  • Testing multiple versions for multiple product families
  • Reliability in product-line engineering
Model Based Development
  • Model Based Development for extreme reliability at reasonable price
  • Transition from legacy systems to model based development
  • Tools for efficient model-based development
  • Modeling system level properties
Workshop Chairs
  • Ram Chillarege - Chillarege Inc.
  • Suraj Kothari - EnSoft Corp. & Iowa State University
Contact : r a m @ c h i l l a r e g e . c o m
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